Our History

Polywad, Inc. was formed in 1985 to develop and market shotgun shells and shooting products. The company centered on the Spred-R™ device invented by Jay Menefee for upland bird hunting and clay target shooting. In 1995, Polywad, Inc. began loading shotgun shells on fully automated, high-quality Italian loading machinery.

Menefee designed, manufactured, and sold the Polywad line of brand name products such as Spred-R™, Vintager™, DoubleWide™, Gram Crak-R™, GreenLite™, Polymag™, and others. Menefee designed, or assisted in design and manufacturing of shotgun shells for companies including:

  • Brenneke GMBH/Brenneke of America LP (Brenneke® Slugs)
  • CleanShot
  • Days End (Field Trial Blanks)
  • Environ-Metal, Inc. (Hevi-Shot®)
  • Fiocchi of America, Inc. (12 Gauge Blanks)
  • IRP Association LLC/Maxstop IRP (MAXSTOP IRP 12 Gauge Advanced Defense Ammunition)
  • Pierce Munitions, LLC (Ted Nugent Sabot Slugs)
  • Polyshok, Inc. (Polyshok™ IRP)
  • RUAG Ammotec USA Inc. (Copper Matrix Slugs, Copper Matrix Buckshot & Rottweil Laser Plus Sabot Slugs)
  • Spectra Shot, LLC (Waterfowl, Target & White Lightning Turkey)
  • YBE, Inc./Hastings (Hastings® Laser Accurate Sabot Slugs)

Polywad Innovations – Leaders in Technological Development

In 2017, Polywad Manufacturing LLC acquired Polywad, Inc.’s loading business. Polywad, Inc. has expanded into other areas of research and development. We have technology allowing the user to launch virtually any type of payload downrange, from diverse ballistic projectiles to chemical powders and gels. Our company’s technological strength is grounded in Menefee’s intellectual property and his nearly 50 years of shotshell ballistic experimentation.

We invite you to regularly visit this website for product and patent updates, and contact us for more information about the following patented technologies:

Projectile Launching Systems

Two new concepts of “Projectile Launching Systems” have been designed. Both designs have been examined by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) personnel and declared not subject to regulation as firearms or destructive devices, unless manufactured with anti-personnel payloads.

  • Launcher 1 (Alpha) is a lightweight, handheld unit for rapidly deploying and delivering fire suppressant, anti-chemical, anti-biological, or anti-radiological agents, in a user-friendly and self-contained device. Cartridges used in this system also may include flares or other payloads. Military, law enforcement, and first responder uses are especially anticipated along with personal use in vehicles, boats, or homes.
  • Launcher 2 (Beta) is designed to be fired from the shoulder combining an extremely low recoil effect with a large cartridge capacity. The primary design is for high volume, low mass payloads such as fire suppressants, anti-chemical and anti-radiological agent delivery and dispersal, flares, oil absorbents, or radiological agent clean-up materials. For military use, this launching system can be configured for anti-personnel projectiles at even higher velocities.

Novel Payload Delivery Systems (Wadding Designs)

We developed two new families of payload delivery systems that embody unique yet simple “wadding designs.” This technology provides accurate downrange delivery of solid projectiles, liquids, gels and powders in hand-held or shoulder launchers. It also protects the gun, launcher barrels, and payload materials from damage during firing. These designs provide cost and market advantages for steel shot loadings in the next generation of sporting shotshells. Combined with our patented “wadless” cartridge loading technology, numerous problems are solved.

Our Partners

Since 2010, Polywad has worked closely with the Intellectual Property group of Eversheds-Sutherland to develop and protect our technologies. Our patent counsel is pleased to assist any interested party’s patent counsel in any due diligence reviews that aid in evaluating any of Polywad’s technologies.

We seek business relationships, out-licensing opportunities, and joint development activities with companies that can take full advantage of Polywad’s expertise, talents, and technologies.


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